Rectory Lane,
TS14 7DJ

Healthcare Team

Practice Manager

Karen Brooks

Karen has responsibility for the day to day management of the Practice and will be happy to deal with any queries or comments you may have concerning the Practice.


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Dr Nicola Thomas (Partner)
Joined the practice in 1994. Her interests are Medicines Management and Palliative Care.

Dr Angela Halloway (Partner)
Joined the practice in 1997. Her interests are Gynaecology and Contraception.

Dr Sarah Lee (Partner)
Joined the practice in March 2003. Her specialities include Mental Health and Plastic Surgery. Dr Lee also does regular Cryotherapy and Minor Surgery clinics. Dr Lee supervises the foundation doctors attached to the practice.

Dr Philippa Allan (Partner)
Joined the practice in January 2014. Her interests are Palliative Care and Women’s Health. Dr Allan organises the teaching for medical students from Newcastle University.

Dr Emily Fussey (Partner)
Joined the practice in May 2020. Her interests include Paediatrics, Medical Education and Mental Health. Before Medicine, she studied Economics at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Fussey is a GP Trainer who regularly has a GP Registrar Doctor under her supervision.

Dr Jennifer Kane (Partner)
Joined the Practice in September 2022. Her interests include Paediatrics, Mental Health and Palliative Care.

Dr Mike Smith (Partner)
Joined the practice in January 2023. His interests include Musculoskeletal Medicine, Minor Surgery/Joint Injections, Medical Education and Primary Care Research

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Helen Almond (Nurse)

Louise Carter (Nurse)

Emma Davison (Nurse)

Amanda McGough (Nurse)

Samantha Welford (Nurse)

Kirsty Solomon (Health Care Assistant)

Barbara Noble (Phlebotomist)



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Training Practice

Springwood Surgery is a very proactive training practice for GP Registrars, Final Year Doctors and Students.

We usually have 1 to 3 GP Registrars who are trained by Dr Fussey. They are fully qualified doctors who are training to be GPs.

Dr Lee supervises our Foundation doctors who attend the practice for 4 month rotations and Dr Allan supervises medical students during their General Practice visits.